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VM Stuck on XenServer 6.0

Blog on April 10th, 2012

Today I found our PRTG monitoring server could not be accessed. It happens to be a virtual machine on our Citrix XenServer cluster. Trying the basic functions to fix things in XenCenter hit a wall. I could not access the console in XenCenter, just a black screen. When the VM was being forced to shutdown it just spout off the usual “Another operation involving the object is currently in progress.”

After digging around numerous posts on the Citrix forums and Citrix Articles, I found the appropriate solution.

To shut down a virtual machine, which is in an amber state from XenServer control domain, complete the following procedure:

Step 1: Select the virtual machine in XenCenter and check the general tab to obtain the UUID of the virtual machine, which is in an unresponsive state:

Obtain UUID of XenServer VM

Obtain UUID of XenServer VM

Step 2: Run the following command to check the dom-id of the virtual machine in the XenServer control domain:
list_domains | grep
Following is a sample of the preceding command:
[root@xenserver-b ~]# list_domains | grep 5948a1c6-6cf0-6028-d092-1f4dac5f1ea2
6 | 5948a1c6-6cf0-6028-d092-1f4dac5f1ea2 | H
6 = the domid of the VM
5948a1c6-6cf0-6028-d092-1f4dac5f1ea2 = the UUID of the VM
H – state of the virtual machine (H indicates that this is a HVM guest, typically it means this is a Windows virtual machine.)

Step 3: Run the following command to destroy the domid of the virtual machine (this purges running data of the VM from memory, not your storage; so don’t panic).
/opt/xensource/debug/xenops destroy_domain –domid 6

These steps should apply from XenServer 5.6 up to 6.0 and possibly newer. I don’t think it would change anytime soon. It may work on older versions, though I’m not certain.

This information was put together from the following Citrix Article.