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Free Public DNS Resolvers

Blog on February 15th, 2013

Generally, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will auto-assign a primary and secondary DNS resolver. It usually happens when your router or computer requests network information via DHCP. However, what if the ISP-provided DNS servers are junk? Maybe you’re troubleshooting something and you think DNS might not be working as it should be?

We totally have good news for you, as there are tons of quality free public DNS resolvers that you can use in place of your ISP assigned DNS resolvers.

Let me start by saying I personally prefer Dyn Internet Guide for both home and SMB use. It’s free for home and very cheap for small businesses. With their paid option, small businesses can customize their DNS experience. Filtering explicit content, different malware/spyware settings, as well as blacklists and whitelists for specific sites.


DNS Provider Primary DNS Resolver Secondary DNS Resolver
Dyn Internet Guide
Level 3
Comodo Secure DNS
OpenDNS Home
DNS Advantage
Norton ConnectSafe


This table is just a short list, some of the info was grabbed from and recompiled here. If you think we missed any good free public dns resolvers, feel free to give us a shout @ApertureHost on Twitter.