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aperturehost guarantees

Our Guarantees

One Hour Response Guarantee

Here at ApertureHost, we’re aware that support is at the top of your list for choosing the right web host. Waiting for support is about as fun as smacking your head against a brick wall. So our guarantee to you is to have your support tickets responded to within an hour or less. That being said, most of our support tickets have a response time average of less than 30 minutes. We just like the sound of a one hour response guarantee, it has a certain ring to it. But this is just the beginning of ApertureHost Guarantees.

Real 24x7x365 Technical Support

Frustrated because it’s 2AM and your site is having problems with nobody to help you? Not to worry, we’ve got it covered with around the clock technical support; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. You can submit a support ticket at any time and we’ll come to the rescue. If it makes you feel better, we even have emergency phone technical support in those rare extreme problem cases. However we generally try to keep things running as smooth as we possibly can. Which really cuts down on most all late night issues.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

ApertureHost backs all of our services with an unrivaled 30 day, unquestioned money back guarantee. If at any time within the first 30 days you’re not satisfied with our services. Simply open a ticket, ask for your money back and your account to be canceled; and that’s it. If you’re for some reason unhappy with our services, why would we want to make you even less happy by dragging out the refund process.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

ApertureHost not only understands the importance of support. We also understand the importance of your availability, and excessive downtime is never acceptable. All of our hardware, from our network switches and connectivity. To our enterprise grade server equipment. We only offer the best for our clients. Combined with streamlined management and monitoring procedures. We maximize uptime to the point where the only downtime exists as scheduled maintenance.

Question: What do you mean by 99.9% uptime?

Answer: ApertureHost will guarantee that all of our services available 99.9% of the time. In simple terms it means a bit over 40 minutes of downtime is allowable per month. Now that does not mean we don’t strive for 100% uptime, however there are things that may be out of our control.

Question: Are there any exceptions to the uptime guarantee?

Answer: Yes, sometimes there things that may be out of our control that are not covered.

  • Network connectivity issue
  • Natural disasters
  • Major grid power outage
  • Scheduled Downtime/Maintenance
  • Site attack instigated by client
  • Account suspension for non payment

    Question: What if you’re unable to achieve 99.9% uptime?

    Answer: Your account will be credited base on following credit structure.

    Less than one hour No Credit
    One hour to four hours 10% Credit
    Four hours to eight hours 15% Credit
    Eight hours to sixteen hours 20% Credit
    Sixteen hours to one day 25% Credit
    More than one full day 50% Credit


    Question: How do I obtain a service credit?

    Answer: You should open a support ticket requesting a service credit. Make sure to include all relevant information pertaining to downtime.

    Question: Does your 30 day money back guarantee apply to Dedicated Servers?

    Answer: Unfortunately not, however it does include all shared web hosting, reseller web hosting and budget vps hosting plans.